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Industry Knowledge

Silicon Steel Sheet is a type of electrical steel that is made by adding silicon to the steel alloy. This type of steel is commonly used in the manufacture of electrical transformers, generators, and motors due to its unique magnetic properties. Silicon steel is made by adding small amounts of silicon (typically around 3-5%) to the steel alloy, which improves its magnetic properties, including magnetic permeability and low core loss. This makes it an ideal material for use in electrical equipment where efficient energy conversion is critical. Silicon steel is also known for its excellent thermal stability, which makes it resistant to degradation over time, even under high-temperature conditions.
When choosing a silicon steel sheet, there are several factors to consider:
Magnetic Properties: The magnetic properties of silicon steel sheets such as permeability, magnetic saturation, and loss are important for their intended application. Choose a sheet with magnetic properties that match the requirements of the application.
Thickness: The thickness of the sheet affects its magnetic and mechanical properties. Thicker sheets have a higher magnetic saturation and are more rigid, but also heavier.
Grain Size: The grain size of the sheet affects its magnetic properties, especially at high frequencies. Smaller grain sizes result in lower losses, but also higher costs.
Coating: Coatings such as electroplating or annealing affects the magnetic properties and durability of the sheet. Choose a coating that matches the intended application and environment.

Availability: Availability and lead time of the sheet should also be considered, especially for critical applications.
Standard: The sheet should comply with relevant industry standards such as IEC or ASTM.
It is important to consult with a manufacturer or supplier to determine the best silicon steel sheet for a specific application.

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